We use Drones for our Listings

We have all seen it. The cell phone picture of a listing which accidentally catches the realtor in the mirror in all their glory. But what if your home showed up differently online than every other house. What if the Realtor you selected to market your home did what no other Realtor can do?
What if your Realtor used aerial photography and video to make your house stand out more than every other home on the market.
Selling a home is an emotional business. It requires a potential customer being moved to the point of longing to make a life-changing decision and huge purchase! Our job is to give a customer insight into what it would be like to live in a property. Effective real estate marketing helps set the scene for our clients, and aerial photography can do this by presenting new angles of a property, inside and out.
Anja says, “An aerial shot of a home, in comparison with a street level shot provides not only depth and dimension, but also a view of what is behind the home. A pool, beautiful backyard or lake view can all be captured and showcased perfectly by aerial drone photography and video.”Aerial photography is currently the best way to showcase the selling points of a home or building, and drones offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative to helicopters and planes. With the use of Drones we have a cutting edge advantage over our competition.
Let us make you a stunning drone video or aerial pictures of your home!
See our Drone Videos: